Polyurethane Coatings

Avweld have been spraying DuraTrax polyurethane roll covers in the Australian and South-East Asian pulp and paper industries since 2008. These revolutionary covers outperform rubber covers in many ways. The spraying process leads them to have unparalleled bond strength. Hydrophobic covers don’t absorb any moisture. Softer covers with better wear resistance mean that the covers last longer, have better traction, are less wearing on felts and wires, and require less energy to run. Various specialised covers are good for different positions: All Avweld DuraTrax roll covers come with HeadKote polymer head protection system to protect the shell from corrosion ingress. This ensures there is never any edge lifting, and your covers last even longer.

A further development in the DuraTrax family has been the introduction of PulleyExtreme conveyor pulley lagging. This polyurethane material has revolutionised the application of conveyor lagging, with lagging lasting typically ten times as long as rubber lagging. PulleyExtreme is the toughest conveyor pulley lagging on the market, hands down.

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