The cement manufacturing process is an extremely harsh, abrasive process. It places significant stress on all types of equipment. Avweld have 30 years of experience at reducing the cost of equipment maintenance, through materials engineering, surface modification, and reclamation of worn components.

Avweld’s rotary valves (rotary feeders), ranging in size from 150x150mm to 2000x2000mm, provide the absolute longest life available for any Australian rotary valve. The highly engineered valves feature unique material selection for various components including the rotors, housing and endplates, as well as unique sealing arrangement, which enables all rotary valves to be set-and-forget valves. No adjustment required!

As the industry struggles to keep costs under control, the ability to make equipment last longer between servicing becomes a very valuable saving. This makes Avweld’s AbrasaPlate and AbrasaPipe attractive solutions for wear surfaces. An economical product which can be cut, rolled, formed and welded, AbrasaPlate is perfect for long life ducts, chutes and impact plates.

Avweld have a long history of servicing every part of a cement plant, and can help you with your surface engineering problems as well.

Cement plant
AbrasaPlate wear platePTA Welding
AbrasaPipe wear pipeHVAF thermal spray
Rotary ValvesHVOF thermal spray
CrushersPlasma spray
ScreensStrip Cladding
Chute and Duct manufacture and hardfacingTwin wire arc spray
General HardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Fans and Impellers
AbrasaStud wear buttons

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