Nov 2022

40th Anniversary Alloys International

    It has been an exciting weekend for everyone at Alloys International and Avweld as we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the founding of Alloys International.
    On Saturday evening the celebrations encompassed a group of over 100 staff, family and friends for a cocktail party held at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Southbank. A great night of great food, fine wine, live music and entertainment with a photo booth, magician and charicaturist. Lucky door prizes including a 55″ Sony Bravia TV were gifted to 5 lucky winners.
    As a special part of the evening we had a raffle for another 55″ Sony Bravia TV with the proceeds ($5,000) proudly going to the Royal Children’s Hospital to support the wonderful work they do there. This TV was generously donated by Alloys Computers, the company owned by my ex-partner and co-founder of Alloys International over 40 years ago.

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    Avweld Alloys Sales, Marketing and Management Team

    Nov 2022

    Avweld & Alloys International Sales, Marketing & Management Team


    Mary Kampen (Human Resources & Safety Systems Manager), Phillip Bond (Managing Director) & Shiva Teunisse (Marketing Manager)


    David Stewart (QLD Sales), Jason Bond (Business Development Manager), Eddy Sperber (General Manager), Michael Guz (NSW Sales), Dan McEldrew ( QLD, WA, NT & TAS Sales), Lance Waller (WA Sales), David Camilleri (VIC, SA & TAS Sales) & Neelesh Narayan (Group Financial Controller)

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    Oct 2022

    Congratulations on your retirement

      Mick (Milivoj) Cirka has been with us for over 20 years and has celebrated his retirement with us today. He has always been a hard worker and ensured his team was always taken care of. He will be deeply missed by all for his friendship and humour.

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      Jun 2022

      Alloys International

      Celebrating 40 Years of Service to Australian Industry

      It only seems like yesterday that Mike Guttmann (my business partner at the time) and I sat in the loungeroom of his home on the first day of our new venture. That was our office for the first six months of the business because we couldn’t afford to spend money on rent. We drove all up and down the east coast together to save money on airfares. And yet we made progress, developed customers and the business and even made some money.

      Over those 40 years the market, the technology and the products have changed enormously. But the philosophy on which we built the business remains the cornerstone of Alloys International (and Avweld!) today; Integrity, honesty, hard work, technical knowledge and customer service.

      However, no business (and we are no exception) can be successful without the help and support of a wide range of people: its employees, customers and suppliers. Firstly, I have to sincerely thank our wonderful team in both Alloys and Avweld (past and present). Without the dedication, hard work, loyalty and support of our employees and their families, we would not be here.

      Sincere appreciation also to our loyal and often long-standing customers and suppliers. Their support has allowed the business to grow and prosper over that whole 40 years to the position in which we find ourselves today!

      I do not think that any business always finds things easy, and we are no exception, having had periods in our business life when it has been extremely tough. However, we continued to adapt and improve and I think most importantly we persevered and never gave up.

      So the fact that after 40 years we are still here is an indication that we must have done something right along the way!

      Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the support of my family, especially my wife Jenny. Through thick and thin she has been there to help me navigate the challenges and I could not have done it without her.

      Once again my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to our success. I look forward to seeing what the next 40 years will bring to us all.

      Phil Bond

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      George Dave JD web
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      Dec 2020

      Congratulations on your retirement

      Our beloved co-worker of 35 years George Abraham is starting a new chapter in his life. No one is more deserving of a long and happy retirement filled with relaxation and enjoyment.

      George has always been a hard worker and a terrific friend who always made every customer and co-worker a priority. He built a special bond with everyone he met by being keenly interested in their wellbeing and needs.

      George, known for his infectious smile and joyful spirit, is the ‘guy’ who never has a bad word to say about anyone, is eternally positive and proactively goes about ‘doing the right thing’ by everyone.

      We wish you the all the best and thank you for your many years of dedication, enthusiasm, team spirit and friendship.


      Top Image – George Abraham, Phillip Bond & Jenny Bond

      Middle Image – David Camilleri, George Abraham & Jason Dwyer

      Bottom Image – Rex Fabian, George Abraham & Jhun Perez

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      August 2020

      To all our Customers & Suppliers

      As parts of Victoria has entered Stage 4 Restrictions, we wish to give you an update and wish you all well during these times.

      As most of you will be aware, Avweld provides essential and emergency breakdown of machinery/equipment repair services to our customers who are allowed to operate under Stage 4 Restrictions currently in place. Our customers operate in industries such as:

      • Power & Utilities (Coal, Hydro, Wind, Water, Sewerage)
      • Mining & Mineral Processing (Coal, Iron Ore, Aluminium, Quarries)
      • Manufacturing (such as Food, Grain, Pulp & Paper, Glass, Plastics, Steel, Cement)

      What does this mean for you?

      • Avweld will remain open and at full capacity to ensure all our customers receive continuous attention.
      • Production is largely unaffected as we are taking all the necessary health precautions.
      • Any delays will be as a result of restrictions placed on delivery in and out of Victoria and we ask for your patience during this time.
      • All visitors and contractors are required to complete a COVID health checklist prior to entry to the facilities at 25 Raymond Road, Laverton North. Social distancing, appropriate cleaning & sanitisation are being maintained at all times on site.
      • Our hours and contact details remain the same and all information can be found on our website

      Thank you for your ongoing support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any clarification to the above.

      We look forward to working together to ensure a safe working environment for all.

      Best Regards,
      Phil Bond
      Managing Director

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      Lloyds retirement
      Lloyds retirement 1

      July 2020

      Farewell to Lloyd Ingram

      On the 31st of July, we said farewell to our Melbourne warehouse manager Lloyd Ingram. Lloyd started working with Alloys International in 1986, and has been responsible for shipping out most of your orders since then. Lloyd is retiring after almost 35 years in the business, looking forward to spending more time with his family and playing more golf. All of Alloys International and Avweld Australasia thanks Lloyd for his service.

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      July 2020

      Covid-19 Update

      Avweld would like to take this opportunity once again to give you an update on our operating situation with regards to the COVID-19 epidemic.

      As COVID-19 is continuing to disrupt the economy throughout Australia and particularly Victoria, Avweld is taking all precautions necessary to enable continued operations through this challenging time.

      We are hiring new staff, improving and expanding our facilities and ensuring all our jobs go out on time. Production is largely unaffected as we are taking all the necessary health precautions.

      All visitors and contractors are required to complete a COVID health checklist prior to entry to the facilities. Social distancing, appropriate cleaning & sanitisation are being maintained at all times on site.

      Our Sales Engineers and staff are contactable by email or phone as usual, although most are working from home wherever possible. All meetings are being held via phone/video where possible.

      Thank you for your ongoing support, and please keep your family and friends safe.

      Best Regards,
      Phil Bond
      Managing Director

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      March 2020

      Updates from Avweld

      Avweld would like to take this opportunity to give you an update on our operating situation with regards to the COVID-19 epidemic.
      Our primary concern is the health and safety of all staff, customers, suppliers and their families. In constantly changing conditions, we continue to strive to meet our customers’ needs and delivery timeframes, in a safe and controlled manner. We are continually monitoring the advice of the State and Federal Governments, and the WHO.
      Currently we are operating at full capacity. Factory production is as normal, but with increased social distancing, cleaning and santization. Office staff are working from home wherever possible. All interstate travel has been postponed, unless absolutely required. Sales engineers are available for local on-site consultations, but are aiming to conduct as much business by phone as possible.
      Our supply chains are currently uninterrupted, with all key products available as normal. Please be aware that due to the dramatic decrease in the Australian Dollar this year (~15% since January), we will have no choice but to pass along some price rises on future quotes. Please contact your sales representative with any questions.
      We will keep you informed as the situation develops. Until then, please keep yourselves and your families and friends healthy and safe.

      Phil Bond
      Managing Director