Heavy Duty Screws

Over 30+ years Avweld have developed a range of solutions for almost every conceivable type of screw wear problem. We regularly manufacture and refurbish worn screws with coatings ranging from AV10 (for medium wear screws) to PTA tungsten carbide screws (for extreme applications)

Dewatering Plug Screws

These screws can be a constant headache for maintenance engineers. As dimensions wear, efficiencies drop. Avweld’s AV2000 coating is applied to the entire surface of the screw, as well as the internals of the housing. All repairs are carried out in our Melbourne workshop, and checked for material properties and dimension. Typical plug screw repairs last for a minimum of 12 months, far exceeding OEM specifications.

Thune screws

The application of removing water from sludge can be demanding on screws. Avweld have had tremendous success by applying our proprietary tungsten carbide to the screw flights, preventing premature wear. Fast turn around times mean you are not without a spare. Avweld’s Thune screw repairs last a minimum of 12 months.

Transport screws

Depending on the material, particle dimension and rates of transport, wear can vary hugely for transport screws. Avweld’s engineers regularly advise clients on recommended adjustments to parameters for ideal transport efficiency. Screws are regularly manufactured to both our own and customers’ drawings. For medium wear situation AV10 hardfacing can be applied to entire screws. For wear occurring primarily on the OD of a flight, sometimes it is more appropriate to apply PTA tungsten carbide to some areas of a screw. Avweld are able to offer recommendations on choice of material for your particular application. With screw operating in almost every conceivable industry in Australia, we have experience with screws that are similar to yours.
  • Manufacture and refurbishment of all size screws
  • AbrasaPlate™ screw flights
  • PTA tungsten carbide weld overlay to flights and cores
  • Robotic application
  • Supply of replacement flights
  • Chrome or Tungsten coatings
  • Loctite® Composite coatings

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