Steel & Aluminium

Avweld have a long history of providing surfacing solutions for all forms of steel and aluminium manufacturing and processing in the Australian industry. From slab-casting, wire and bar drawing, billet casting and coating, Avweld have a range of various coatings to increase performance of many types of equipment, particularly rolls.

Avweld’s grip rolls are used extensively throughout Australian bar and wire mills as an economical solution for increasing performance on rolls.

Avweld’s speciality tungsten carbide coatings are used on deflector rolls, looper rolls and tensiometer rolls, and are available in non-stick versions when required. Speciality solutions are also available for coating a range of various equipment, such as coal screens, rotary valves, cooling waterboxes and armatures.

SteelExtreme polyurethane coatingsPTA Welding
Grip Roll CoatingsHVAF thermal spray
ScreensHVOF thermal spray
Journal and Shaft repairPlasma spray
General hardfacingStrip Cladding
Rotary ValvesTwin wire arc spray
Knives, Slitters and CuttersDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
steel Aluminium

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