Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps often experience heavy wear, and suffer from a related loss of performance. Increasing clearances between rotor, cones, end shields and housing lead to a loss of efficiency, and even further wear. Avweld have designed a full range of processes for overhaul of every single part of a vacuum pump. For even the harshest environment, Avweld vacuum pumps last many times longer than any other competitor. Opting for this premium service gives you peace of mind that your pumps will continue operating efficiently for many years. Please see our brochure “Avweld Vacuum Pumps” for more information.

Testing Capabilities

All major vacuum pump overhauls are completely tested in our comprehensive testing facility before being dispatched. Vibrational analysis and pressure testing ensure that your vacuum pump will work perfectly, first time, every time.

Loctite Composite Coatings

As an optional extra to any vacuum pump repair, all parts can be coated with Loctite Composite Coatings. Deep gouges can be repaired with Loctite Superior Metal, and all wetted surfaces are coated with Loctite Sprayable Ceramic to prevent corrosion and reduce hangup.


Housings often experience extreme abrasion in demanding applications. Avweld can renew a housing by lining with AbrasaPlate™. This is a chrome carbide overlay plate that can be rolled and inserted as a lining in a single piece. Other options include a tungsten carbide PTA deposit throughout the highest wear areas.

End Shields

Tight clearance between end shields and the rotor ensures continued efficiency of pump operation. Avweld used a combination of metal spray, PTA welding, and Loctite Composite Coatings to offer dimensional restoration and ultimate wear protection for your end shields.


Once the tips of the vanes start wearing out, efficiency of the vacuum pump suffers. Avweld are able to rebuild rotors to dimension using robotic welding, before coating with our AV10™ hardfacing. Some badly worn rotors require stainless steel rings to be welded in place before hardfacing. Shafts commonly require rebuilding with AV10™ chrome boron hardfacing for life extension.


If the optimum in-service life of a vacuum pump is to be extended the clearance between the cones and the mating part of the rotor must be maintained as long as possible. Our experience over many years has proven that once again a coating of AV10™ will produce the cost reduction extensions that our customers are requesting!
  • NASH CL6000
  • NASH 904
  • Pompetravaini TRHA 150
  • Pompetravaini TRHE 100
  • NASH 2BE3
  • NASH 2BE4
  • NASH P2620
  • NASH CL4000
  • Full overhaul capabilities
  • Dimensional restoration of worn components
  • Hardfacing of cones, rotors, housings
  • Specific application expertise
  • Weld overlay, composite, thermal spray coatings as required
  • Testing capabilities
  • Non-stick coatings to prevent internal build-up of scale

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