General Engineering

Australia has a proud history as a center of manufacturing excellence. In the 21st century, manufacturing and engineering operations are forced to be lean to survive. Process efficiency needs to be maximised, and maintenance costs minimised. In order to do this, Avweld use a range of advanced materials and processes to help all kinds of manufacturing operations operate their machinery more economically.

Using automated thermal spray and weld repair systems, Avweld is capable of reclaiming damaged and worn shafts and journals. Depending on the application, specific materials can be chosen for the longest life possible, reducing further wear, or just reclaiming dimension. Reclaiming worn equipment frequently costs significantly less than new components, and often with superior quality and life-expectancy to OEM components.

Avweld have a range of services which are used in every area of Australian industry, ranging from food production, chemical and plastics manufacturing, agriculture, construction, drilling, fertiliser manufacture and water-production. Our engineers are experienced at solving wear-problems, and can offer expert advice in most applications.

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AbrasaPlate wear platePTA Welding
AbrasaPipe wear pipeHVAF thermal spary
Valve refurbishmentHVOF
Journal repairPlasma spray
AbrasaStud wear buttonsStrip Cladding
Chute and Duct manufacture and hardfacingTwin wire arc spray
General hardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Reclaimer bucket manufacture and hardfacing
Vacuum pump overhaul and hardfacing
General pump overhaul and hardfacing
Pump Sleeves
Fans and Impellers
Rotary Valves