The quarrying and earth-moving industries face tough environments for operation of equipment. Ground-engaging tools, bulk-handling equipment, crushers and screens face extreme abrasion and impact, day-in, day-out. By using modern materials and material application processes, Avweld is able to economically provide longer life for components facing the harshest wear.

Avweld work closely with many quarry service providers, to be one of Melbourne’s primary sources of maintenance for crushers. Typical crusher services include re-welding of all worn components, machining, stress-relief, crack-testing and repairs, and hardfacing for life extension. Avweld’s AbrasaStuds are a premium wear product in and customised for the quarry industry, to provide the ultimate in life extension for extremely high impact and abrasion environments.

AbrasaPlate is a favoured product by many quarry managers and engineers. The ability to easily cut, weld, and form this hard-faced plate makes it an attractive solution for skirts, ducts, chutes and impact curtains.

Avweld’s engineers are experienced with all aspects of quarry wear, and have a range of solutions available to discuss with you. Contact Avweld for a visit by your local representative, Australia-wide.

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AbrasaPlate wear platePTA Welding
AbrasaPipe wear pipeHVAF thermal spray
AbrasaStud wear buttonsHOVF thermal spray
CrushersPlasma spray
ScreensStrip Cladding
Chute and Duct manufacture and hardfacingTwin wire arc spray
General HardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying

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