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The pulp and paper industry has been amongst Avweld’s primary focuses for 30 years. As the industry faces ever-increasing cost pressures in the face of overseas competition and a high Australian dollar, the emphasis becomes more and more on increasing productivity and lowering costs. Avweld have incorporated a full range of wear-prevention technologies to service every component of pulp and paper mills right from wood-chip through to converting and finishing lines.

Avweld are commited to offering a one-stop service shop for paper mill rollers, as part of our Total Roll Solutions brand. The centrepiece of this service is the application of DuraTrax super-polymer roll covers. In addition to this Avweld provide journal and shaft repair of all rolls where required, roll grinding and roll balancing.

Avweld’s engineers are a regular presence on site at Australia’s paper mills, offering expert advice on life-extension and maintenance of major components such as pulper rotors, screens, vacuum pumps, shaft repairs, primary, secondary and tertiary pulper and screen housing repairs and hardfacing.

AbrasaPlate wear platePTA Welding
AbrasaPipe wear pipeHVAF thermal spray
DuraTrax polyurethane coatingsHVOF thermal spray
Rotor hardfacingPlasma spray
ScreensStrip Cladding
Journal and Shaft repairTwin wire arc spray
General hardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Vacuum pump overhaul and hardfacing
General pump overhaul and hardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Pump Sleeves
Fans and Impellers
Rotary Valves
AbrasaStud wear buttons
Knives, Slitters and Cutters
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