Avweld have a fully self-sufficient machine and coatings facility, which enables us to be a “one-stop shop”. With large capacity machines, there are very few pieces of equipment which we can’t handle in-house. We also operate on a 24-hour basis where required, to enable a rapid breakdown repair service. Avweld operates from a modern 4,600 sq. m factory in Laverton North in the western suburbs of Melbourne, servicing clients in a large variety of industries throughout Australia and South East Asia. Avweld has local representation in many of these areas.

Avweld offer full engineering support, including CAD/CAM modelling, reverse engineering, technical support and experience-based recommendations, from over 35+ years in Australian industry.

Avweld offer a wide variety of in-house, state of the art surface engineering technologies, including:

These processes combined with our robotic welding cells allow us to apply coatings with exceptional accuracy to any area that requires protection. Avweld also provides on-site breakdown services, working around the clock where necessary, to ensure the fastest possible turnaround and minimum downtime for your business.

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1.17 metre diameter, 7.8metres long
600mm diameter, 2.7metres long
500mm diameter, 2.2metres long
1metre diameter, 2.2metres long
300mm diameter, 750mm long (internal grinder)
355mm diameter x 760mm long (internal grinder)
600mm wide x 2.0m long (surface grinder)
450mm wide x 1.5m long (surface grinder)
350mm wide x 1.2m long (surface grinder)


1400mm diameter, 8m long
970mm diameter, 5m long
650mm diameter, 3m long
650mm diameter, 2metres long
380mm diameter, 1.3metres long


3.0m diameter, 2.0m height, 40 tonnes capacity (vertical borer)
2.0m diameter, 1.6m height (vertical borer)
1.5m diameter, 1.2m height (vertical borer)
6.0m x 3.0m x 2.5m (horizontal borer)
1.2m x 1.2m x 0.8m (horizontal borer)


600 x 1500 x 350mm


Various drills up to 1540 x 3150 x 2340 capacity

Factory Floor

9.1m clearance under crane
6.5m roller door clearance
Two bays, each with 40 tonnes overhead crane capacity

Welding Capacity

Plasma Transferred Arc Process (PTA) with 9 axis Robotic welding cells
Pulsed MIG and TIG
Open Arc
Submerged Arc
Automated Arc Hardfacing
Stud Welding
AbrasaPlate™ Chrome Carbide Wear Plate

Thermal Spray

All with 6 axis robotic cell:
HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)
HVAF (High Velocity Air Fuel)
DC Plasma
Arc Spray
Spray Fusion
4 fully enclosed spray and blast booths up to 22m long x 4.5m wide x 3.7m high

Composite Coatings

Loctite Composites
DuraTrax® Polyurethane Spraying
Rilsan Nylon Spraying

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