AbrasaStuds Wear Resistance Studs

AbrasaStuds™ are Avweld’s newest solution to high wear applications, particularly in heavy mineral transporting and processing environments. The complex carbide studs provide outstanding wear resistance, whilst maintaining excellent impact resistance. The weight to wear-resistance ratio outperforms many other hardfacing types by many times. Wear studs are extremely fast to install, and can be done in-situ. The welding process requires just a power source and Avweld’s stud gun. Localised repairs are possible, without needing to replace entire sheets of wear plates. The studs are applied in a staggered, closely arranged lattice pattern, controlling the flow of material over the work surface.
  • Heavy duty alloy and carbide studs provide outstanding wear resistance in demanding applications
  • Applied using stud-welding process
  • Provides “self-protecting” layer due to voids between studs
  • Replacement studs can be applied directly over worn out studs
Loader, excavator, bogger and face shovel buckets
Truck trays
Dozer blades and push arms
Crusher wear parts
Feed chutes
Ground engaging tools

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