Wood Processing

Australia’s wood processing industries have the reputation for having some of the most advanced processes and performance in the world. Supporting this reputation for 30 years, Avweld have been supplying hardfacing solutions to Australia’s dry mills, green mills, woodchippers, medium density fibredboard (MDF) mills, particleboard mills, kiln drier mills. Working closely with our customer’s engineers for such a long period, we have developed a range of wear-prevention solutions which are unmatched anywhere in the world.

Avweld’s chipper-face wear plates have proven their life without any maintenance past 2 million tonnes of chip at several of Australia’s biggest woodchippers. This compares with similar competing hardfacing which requires re-working at 300,000 tonnes.

Avweld have also been able to increase performance of chipper knives by 50% across a range of different wood types, for competitive costs.

The in-house development of a range of PTA powders specific to wood industries has enabled Avweld to increase the life across a broad cross-spectrum of components.

Polyurethane CoatingsPTA WELDING
Grip Roll CoatingsHVAF thermal spray
ScreensHVOF thermal spray
Journal and Shaft repairPlasma spray
General HardfacingStrip Cladding
Rotary ValvesTwin Wire arc spray
Knives, Slitters and CuttersDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Glue Blenders
Spindle manufacture and repair
Wear Plates
Bed Plates
Fences and Rails
AbrasaPlate wear plate
AbrasaPipe wear pipe
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