Mining & Resources

For 30 years Avweld have been supplying hardfacing solutions to increase productivity, decrease downtime, and reduce total cost of ownership across a diverse range of products. With an advanced production facility based in Melbourne, incorporating world-leading surfacing technologies, a sophisticated laboratory, and some of Australia’s leading surfacing engineers in-house, there are very few wear problems which we haven’t solved.

The mining and resources industries have long been the backbone of the Australian economy. As the investment boom starts to slow down, the focus of the industry turns towards maintaining existing infrastructure and reducing cost of operations.

From the cutting face to the ship-loader, minerals such as coal, iron-ore, bauxite, gold, magnesium and nickel cause severe abrasion to all types of processing equipment. Avweld have a range of different solutions for every application and every material.

AbrasaPlate wear platePTA Welding
AbrasaPipe wear pipeHVAF thermal spray
Polyurethane pulley laggingHVOF thermal spray
CrushersPlasma spray
ScreensStrip Cladding
Chute and Duct manufacture and hardfacingTwin wire arc spray
General HardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Vacuum pump overhaul and hardfacing
General pump overhaul and hardfacingDuraTrax polyurethane spraying
Pump Sleeves
Fans and Impellers
Rotary Valves
AbrasaStud wear buttons
Reclaimer bucket manufacture and hardfacing

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