Heavy Duty Rotary Valves Repaired & Manufactured


Avweld Refurbish, Repair and Manufacture 100% Australia Made Rotary Valves & Feeders in Melbourne


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Avweld have been at the forefront of innovation in the repair and manufacturing of rotary valves for over 30 years. Some of our improvements include reduced rotor to stator clearance, modified sweepers for reduced blocking on end plates, spring loaded seal rings and upgrading of hardfacing of both rotor vanes and stator bore.

We are paramount in the repair of Heavy Duty Drop-Through and Blow-Through Rotary Valves in Australia, offering everything from simple rebuilds to complete overhaul.

The most significant features of our upgrades are AV100 Tungsten Carbide coating of the stator bore, hardfacing of rotor tips and spring loading of the seal rings. These improvements have given an increase of 4-8 lifetimes over hard chrome bores and 420SS vane edges. We have achieved our number one position by offering quick turnaround, top quality, state-of-the-art upgrades all at modest prices.


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Large volumes during short shuts are not a problem as we work around the clock to minimise plant downtime. All work is carried out in our Melbourne facility so quality and work flow are under strict control to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.



Avweld are able to refurbish, repair and manufacture the complete range of rotary valves from 100 x 100mm up to 2000 x 2000mm. We are able to offer advice on the selection of particular components and setups. Both light and heavy-duty rotary valves can benefit from Avweld’s expertise.


Standard Rotary Valve Sizes

These are the benefits

♦ One of Avweld’s main areas of focus

♦ Refurbishment based on 30 years of industry experience

♦ New manufacture and reclamation of any RV

♦ Consulting and advice on setup and operation

♦ Tungsten carbide rotor vanes, housing bores, seal journals

♦ Diamond ground parts for precise clearances

♦ “Set and forget” long life design

♦ Oversize heavy-duty motors and bearings

450×450 Rotary Valve:

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