Avweld boasts some of the most advanced material processing systems available in Australia. All of the thermal spray and welding systems incorporate the use of robots. This level of automation ensures the highest quality of coatings, repeatable every time.

Our machine and grinding shop includes some of the biggest equipment in Australia.

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) WeldingTungsten Carbide deposits for extreme abrasion and impact positions
DC-Plasma SprayState-of the art high melting temperature ceramic coatings
HVOF Thermal SprayVersatile wear resistant deposits
Loctite CompositesComposite coatings for pumps, and industrial components
MIG WeldingFabrication, general hardfacing
Polyurethane coatingsLightweight tough wear prevention coatings, highly specialised paper industry roll covers, pulley lagging
Powder Flame SprayingPlastic and nylon coatings for specialist rolls in the printing and similar industries
Submerged Arc WeldingFor large scale fabrication and cladding
TIG WeldingPrecision hardfacing
Twin-wire Arc SprayWide variety of metal spray deposits, especially for dimensional restoration, large scale wear prevention, and in-situ processing

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