Grip Coatings / Slip Coatings

Various types of machinery require rough surface finishes for grip and material transport properties. Avweld regularly apply several types of rough coatings. The most common is to steel industry wire and bar mill rolls. These rolls require an extremely rough coating for start-up grip. Avweld’s arc-spray coating has become the industry standard in this application. Reliability and consistent coating roughness ensure the most efficient process, every time. Several other applications see Avweld’s rough coatings used to good effect. Applications such as winder drums (paper industry) are just the start of the list of places where coating roughness is required to be high. Speak to your Avweld representative about the options for these coatings.
  • Rough coatings for grip application
  • Smooth coatings for non-stick applications
  • Wear resistant smooth coatings, incorporating PTFE and ceramics for combinations of long life and low friction

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