High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) is a flame spray process used for depositing dense, hard, wear resistant coatings. The powder feedstock is propelled to around 500m/s using hydrogen and oxygen as fuel. Using tungsten carbide for areas of high wear resistance, or chrome carbide for high temperature abrasion resistance, HVOF has become the standard for replacing hardchrome coatings. Avweld has Australia’s most advanced HVOF system. The Flame Spray Technology system incorporates the use of a wide range of different fuels and guns. The first of its type in Australia, the new E-Gun uses ethanol as the fuel source, burning hotter that tradtional kerosene, which results in denser, harder coatings than previous generation HVOF systems. The fuel is also environmentally friendly. HVOF coatings are applied by Avweld on almost every conceivable type of component, usually for wear resistant properties. Common coating materials include alloys of tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, nickel and cobalt.
  • Rebuild and Salvage Operations
  • Abrasion or Erosion Resistance
  • Sliding Wear Resistance
  • Resistance to Fretting, Galling or Adhesive Wear
  • Resistance to Cavitation Effects
  • Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Control of Oxidation and Sulfidation
  • Atmospheric and Heat Corrosion Control
HVOF HV hydraulic rod 2675

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