AbrasaPlate Crack Free

A general purpose chrome-carbide overlay plate suitable for application in various positions. High impact and abrasion resistance.
AP-CF AbrasaPlate® is a high quality compound weld-overlay hardfaced plate. The chrome carbide overlay is applied in a unique fashion which results in a hard, wear-resistance cladding, despite being crack free. The extremely smooth surface finish results in reduced hang up from sticky ores. ASTM G65 wear resistance test results exceed that of AP-3000 AbrasaPlate®.
Application requiring a combination of high wear resistance with a smooth surface finish.
  • Ash Lines
  • Chutes & Ducts
  • Hoppers
  • AbrasaPlate®-CF can be welded on the mild steel using standard low hydrogen consumables. For welding the hardfacing side to structural steels we recommend using AI-1707 stainless wire, or AI-207 electrodes.
  • AbrasaPlate®-CF can be rolled or pressed. Diameters depend on thickness of plate.
  • AbrasaPlate®-CF can be cut using plasma (from the back side), water jet or laser.
COMMON SIZES Crack Free AbrasaPlate
6 on 6
1m x 3m max sheet size
ChutesTruck BedsBuckets
DuctsScreen PlatesHoppers
Pump CasingTransition SegmentsCrushers

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