High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF)

High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) is the latest development in the high velocity family of wear resistant coatings. Using only propane and compressed air as inputs, the powder particle velocity can reach up to 1200m/s. Coatings are free of porosity and oxides at thickness above 0.1mm. Avweld have the only HVAF system installed in Australia. Coatings can be deposited at rates of up to 25kgs per hour.
  • Rebuild and Salvage Operations
  • Abrasion or Erosion Resistance
  • Sliding Wear Resistance
  • Resistance to Fretting, Galling or Adhesive Wear
  • Resistance to Cavitation Effects
  • Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Control of Oxidation and Sulfidation
  • Atmospheric and Heat Corrosion Control

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